Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought #19

Fallen Flowers Can't Climb Back. But, If The Root Is Strong, Could Expect Blossom. So Don't Think of The Past. Just Forget The Past, Love The Present And Live For Future.

 Can't Re-open And Close The Life. So, Just Go Ahead With What All Comes Through. The Situations Could Be Predictable As Well As Unpredictable. Just Be Ready To Face Any Sort of Situations. But Definitely,
                   "Hope For The Best And Be Prepared For The Worst".

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  1. You know wat.. whenever I need positivity... your blog is the place.... I feel refreshed.... :)

  2. Well said, especially the last line. I would say "Take life as it comes and tackle it with zeal and positivity."

  3. I came here because of a comment by Raji on my blog. I started a blog on similar lines recently.

    A nice thought for the day. I would like to rephrase it a bit, to suit my mood today. :)

    "Hope For The Worst And Be Prepared For The Best". :D

    I am a follower now!

  4. Deepika :- Its Really A Touchwood & My Pleasure To Hear Such Compliments :) :) Thanks A Lot Dear :) :)

  5. Tarang :- Very Much True :) :) Thanks A Lot Dear :) :)

  6. Jyothi :- Dear, A Hearty Pleasant Welcome To The Screams of A Woman Space :) :)

    Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit :)

    Yes, Its So Beautiful To Know A Changed Inspiring Thought! Thanks A Lot For Sharing A New Thought & For Compliments As Well As For Being A Follower :) :)