Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought #19

Fallen Flowers Can't Climb Back. But, If The Root Is Strong, Could Expect Blossom. So Don't Think of The Past. Just Forget The Past, Love The Present And Live For Future.

 Can't Re-open And Close The Life. So, Just Go Ahead With What All Comes Through. The Situations Could Be Predictable As Well As Unpredictable. Just Be Ready To Face Any Sort of Situations. But Definitely,
                   "Hope For The Best And Be Prepared For The Worst".

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thought #18

Life Is Continuous Challenge And An Unending Struggle.

Yes, Very Much True. After Each & Every Step or After The Completion Of Particular Task or The Trouble, Some or The Other Trouble Crops Up!! Thereby Leading To The Paths of "Worries & Tensions"

Though, We Get Tensed, Problem Cannot Be Solved. Rather It Piles Up. Why To Give A Chance Or Be The Reason For Such Situations, Wherein It Could Be Called As, "Self Made Problems" [SMP's]"

Nowadays, I Have Come Across Many Individuals, Who Get Extremely Excited & Tensed. They Are Unable To Balance Their Emotions. Now, The Question Arises, How To Balance The Emotions ?? 

Could It Be By Self Control ?? Or By Being Strict Positive Thinker ?? Or By Meditation ?? Or By Deep Breath ?? 

Ofcourse, Depends On The Mental Stability of Each Person. But, Should Have Balanced Control of Mind For Each & Every Situation.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thought #17

 A Beautiful Trusted Relationship Doesn't Depend On How Well We UNDERSTAND Each Other.  But, It Depends On How Well We Avoid MISUNDERSTANDINGS

Yes, Its Very Much True. For Tiny Issues We Just Drag And Drag Which Never Ends. Why To Hear Someone Saying, Something About Our Trusted Relation With The Individuals. Lets, Talk Directly To Them & Clear The Matters. This Shall Relax Your Mind, Thereby Paving A New Way For Our Worried Mind And Pain Felt Heart. 

Relation Is Such A Ship, Which Sails Smoothly When, Its Caring, Lovable & Affectionate. So, Never Give An Occasion Or A Chance For Someone To Feel Jealous. Believe In Yourself & Trust The One's Who Have Helped You In Each & Every Stage of Your Life. Misunderstandings Happen, But Should Be Cleared Then & There. This Is What Is Healthy For A Life Long Healthy Relation.