Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thought #18

Life Is Continuous Challenge And An Unending Struggle.

Yes, Very Much True. After Each & Every Step or After The Completion Of Particular Task or The Trouble, Some or The Other Trouble Crops Up!! Thereby Leading To The Paths of "Worries & Tensions"

Though, We Get Tensed, Problem Cannot Be Solved. Rather It Piles Up. Why To Give A Chance Or Be The Reason For Such Situations, Wherein It Could Be Called As, "Self Made Problems" [SMP's]"

Nowadays, I Have Come Across Many Individuals, Who Get Extremely Excited & Tensed. They Are Unable To Balance Their Emotions. Now, The Question Arises, How To Balance The Emotions ?? 

Could It Be By Self Control ?? Or By Being Strict Positive Thinker ?? Or By Meditation ?? Or By Deep Breath ?? 

Ofcourse, Depends On The Mental Stability of Each Person. But, Should Have Balanced Control of Mind For Each & Every Situation.


  1. Excellent!! This appears to be a new experiment - something of a dialogue between oneself and the famous quotations!! The effect is great! Keep it up, Sahana! Your "Creativity" is blossoming out in leaps and bounds! Fabulous!!

  2. thanks for the motivation

    really needed it

  3. Dear Sahana,
    Good Evening!
    Very Inspiring and motivational!
    Good and great job!
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  4. I love the quotes, Sahana. Every one of them. Thanks for sharing. Take care and God bless you and your family.

  5. Flycatcher :- Thanks A Lot Mama :) :)

  6. Committed To Life :- Thanks A Lot For Dropping By And For Compliments :)

  7. Ellen :- Thanks A Lot Dear For Dropping By As Well As For Cherishable Compliments.