Monday, February 7, 2011

Thought #17

 A Beautiful Trusted Relationship Doesn't Depend On How Well We UNDERSTAND Each Other.  But, It Depends On How Well We Avoid MISUNDERSTANDINGS

Yes, Its Very Much True. For Tiny Issues We Just Drag And Drag Which Never Ends. Why To Hear Someone Saying, Something About Our Trusted Relation With The Individuals. Lets, Talk Directly To Them & Clear The Matters. This Shall Relax Your Mind, Thereby Paving A New Way For Our Worried Mind And Pain Felt Heart. 

Relation Is Such A Ship, Which Sails Smoothly When, Its Caring, Lovable & Affectionate. So, Never Give An Occasion Or A Chance For Someone To Feel Jealous. Believe In Yourself & Trust The One's Who Have Helped You In Each & Every Stage of Your Life. Misunderstandings Happen, But Should Be Cleared Then & There. This Is What Is Healthy For A Life Long Healthy Relation. 


  1. I liked the very first note.It's how we avoid misunderstandings!very true and infact very difficult to practice right?:)

  2. Great thoughts!! The last part reminded me of the song, "Mustafa! Mustafa! Don't worry Mustafa!!" All these are time tested truths but we do not practice them because of fear of hurting our friends or relations! So, we try to get info thro others, thereby hurting more!! Keep it Up!!

  3. Amazing quote's :-)
    Love your words !!!
    Keep writing Sahana ...

  4. Raji :- Yes, Its Difficult To Practice. But Once We Make Up Our Mind, We Can :) :) But, That Should Be A Balanced, Firmed & Strong Mind :) :)

  5. Flycatcher :- Yes, Our Conscious Doesn't Allow Us To Do So. But, To Have Constant Good Relationship, We Must Have The Willingness & Strong Mind To Avoid Misunderstandings. According To Me, Be Truthful To Self & Almighty :) :) Almighty, Knows Who Is Who ? I Don't Bother What The Other Person Says Or Thinks. Its Upto His Understanding Capability.

  6. How Very, Very true! I loved all the pictures, quotes and esp. how your words pulled it all together! Awesome post & blog!!!

    You write about many of the same things that I do. So glad I found you to follow & mostly to be inspired by! :-) ~ Coreen

  7. Velvet Over Steel :- Thanks A Lot For Such A Lovable Kind Words And For Your Kind Visit :) :)

    Yes, We All Know About The Happenings In Connection With Understandings & Misunderstandings, But We Sometimes Over Rule To Notice & Think B4 Our Actions!!!!! So, Whatever I Have Come Across Or Feel I Share Here :) :)

    Keep Visiting :) :) Thanks A Lot For Your Encouraging Words :) :)