Monday, May 25, 2015

Bossism V/S Leadership

"Bossism creates resentment; Leadership breeds enthusiasm"

Try to understand everyone's feeling and do respect their feelings. If possible, try to impart positivity in their mind and heart so as to change their thinking pattern. Never ever rule any, As Ruling someone as a boss or a head may create irritation and dissatisfaction. 

Rather WORK to master self so that it protects the environment of avoiding problems before they arise.

A good leader may try to correct  behavior of his fellow-mates taking the precautionary measures of being sure to himself with the tool of soft friendly approach.

Hence, Leadership is healthier than Bossism. A Leader never rules but a boss does rule with all his power and ego which yields bitterness with his fellow-mates. Leader has many roles to approach but being a boss has only the role of Ruling everyone. 

This may be implied even in Personal Life as well!