Friday, September 17, 2010

My Thought #9

Confidence Level Increases Only When Self-Motivation, Inspiration Exists!!!!!!!!

Foolish Senseless People Always Hurt Some one. Their Main Motive Is To Hurt, Pain A Soul & Get Happiness. They Do To Bring Down The Level of Confidence of The Individuals Who Are Very Well Progressing. 

So, Do Not Bother To Such Foolish Talks, Rather Be Calm, Cool And Happy To Carry On Your Work In Order To Succeed. Our Hard work, Effort Will Definitely Pay For Us. So Adopt,
"Don't Care Policy"[DCP] In Order To Have Peace of Mind, To Be Cool, Calm & Happy !!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thought #8

There Is No Experience To Name As "The Most Worst Experience" Or Few Known Phrases Like, Bad Fate, Negativity. Coz Life Has Its Own Beauty. Just Like A Rose. At The Top of The Rose, Their Petals Are Beautiful & Attractive & At The Bottom, Their Thorns Are Sharp & Obviously Pains When It Is Pierced Into Our Finger.

Life Is Also Like A Rose. BY The Time We Cross Path of Thorns, We Would Be Old Enough To Relish The Actual Happiness. 

So Being Positive Is Very Much Important & For Self Encouragement, Motivation Keep Saying, 

Ofcourse, Every Stage Should Pass & An Individual Should Experience All Kinds of Up Swings & Down Swings To Know The Actual Taste of Life :) :)

We Will Definitely Learn Something New With Each Happenings, Experiences.

PS :- Dearies Thanks A Lot For All Your Compliments For Previous Post, "Thought #7".