Monday, January 31, 2011

Thought #16

God Has Three Answers For Each Prayer. 

1. Yes.

2. Wait.

3. I Have Another Plan For You !!

In Certain Cases, We Think So Much Beyond The Limit. Even If, Someone Shares of His/Her Pains, Sorrows, Happiness.....We Start Thinking, Why Did It Happen Like That ?? He/She Is So Much Devoted...Where Is God ? Why Doesn't God Help Him/Her ?? If Its Happy News, Then, Only He/She Is Happy Always. I Am Much More Qualified And Experienced. Why Don't I Succeed ?? Why My Future Is Stagnant ?? 

Just Stop Thinking!! Order Over Active Brain To Stop Thinking ! God Knows, What To Give, When To Give ? How Much To Give ?? So, That You Can Bear The Burden Of Sorrows & Move Ahead. He Is The Supreme. So, Lets Not Think Much. Straining Our Brain Nerves. Lets Be Patient And Take Things Easy. 

Even If We Think, Strain Our self, Nothing Will Happen/Change. It Will Happen When It Is Scheduled To Happen. So Be Patient, Cool, Calm & Happy. Enjoy The Mysterious Life. Life Is Just Like A New Diary. Until You Experience Or Come Across Anything, You Cannot Fill Up The Pages. 

So Just Accept Whatever Comes Your Way & We Can't Predict Our Destination. Its Almighty,  Who Has Already Decided About Our Destination Before Sending Us Here On This Beautiful Earth. Be Grateful To Him & We Must Always Thank God For What He Has Given. 
So Enjoy This Precious Life !


  1. Wise thoughts - beautifully expressed! and very concisely too!! I am amazed at the way in which you have packed the experience of sixty odd years in a short span of twenty odd years!!Hope and pray god that he should grant you all the happiness that he has stored for all of us!!!

  2. Very nice thoughts and words.It's always true that we blame God for not answering our prayers when we are depressed;and we do not show our gratitude to god when we are happy.I like your line"enjoy the mysterious life" so true!

  3. "things Will Happen When It Is Scheduled To Happen"..... hhmmmmmm... if we start thinking like that we will be the happiest creature in the universe....but we neither have that sense nor that Patience.... nice thought by you......

  4. good thought for good dreams
    nice pics

  5. being madly in love with God is totally awesome.I love God,count me in :)