Monday, May 2, 2016

Wife V/S Mother - For A Husband

Plenty of Reflections in Married Life Always Forms A Collage in A Woman's Life! 

A Woman Sacrifices Many Things, Unknown To A Man, Who Just Marries Her! Ranging From Food Choices, Clothing, Her Likes & Dislikes For Movies/Serials! But, Does A Man Really Try To Understand His Wife's Sacrifices Rather Than Arguing or Rejecting Facts/Feelings of his Wife or Just Constantly Compare Her With His Mother! 

A Wife Is Always A Wife & Mother is Always A Mother! None Can Replace/Rephrase Both! But The Actual Fact is Both Wife & Mother Are Women! The Fact Seems Funny, But Only Those Who Have Experienced Can Understand It! 

Here, The Reflections Refer to A Woman - Mother/Wife! 

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