Monday, May 2, 2016

Wife V/S Mother - For A Husband

Plenty of Reflections in Married Life Always Forms A Collage in A Woman's Life! 

A Woman Sacrifices Many Things, Unknown To A Man, Who Just Marries Her! Ranging From Food Choices, Clothing, Her Likes & Dislikes For Movies/Serials! But, Does A Man Really Try To Understand His Wife's Sacrifices Rather Than Arguing or Rejecting Facts/Feelings of his Wife or Just Constantly Compare Her With His Mother! 

A Wife Is Always A Wife & Mother is Always A Mother! None Can Replace/Rephrase Both! But The Actual Fact is Both Wife & Mother Are Women! The Fact Seems Funny, But Only Those Who Have Experienced Can Understand It! 

Here, The Reflections Refer to A Woman - Mother/Wife! 

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bossism V/S Leadership

"Bossism creates resentment; Leadership breeds enthusiasm"

Try to understand everyone's feeling and do respect their feelings. If possible, try to impart positivity in their mind and heart so as to change their thinking pattern. Never ever rule any, As Ruling someone as a boss or a head may create irritation and dissatisfaction. 

Rather WORK to master self so that it protects the environment of avoiding problems before they arise.

A good leader may try to correct  behavior of his fellow-mates taking the precautionary measures of being sure to himself with the tool of soft friendly approach.

Hence, Leadership is healthier than Bossism. A Leader never rules but a boss does rule with all his power and ego which yields bitterness with his fellow-mates. Leader has many roles to approach but being a boss has only the role of Ruling everyone. 

This may be implied even in Personal Life as well!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thought #21

"Successful People Always Have Two Things In Their Life"

Silence & Smile. 

Silence To Avoid The Problem And Smile To Solve The Problem. 

Always Try To Avoid Arguments With Foolish People. Without Having Any Productive Work, They Keep Irritating & Participate In Causing Fights Between The Two Good Individuals Or Family Members. So, Just Ignore Them Completely And Avoid Talking To Them.

In Such Situation, Being Silent Doesn't Exaggerate The Consequences Or The Talks And It Can Be Washed off Without Any Marks By Smile. So, Just Be Silent And Keep Smiling :) :) 

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post,  Happy Women's Day". 

PPS :- I Again Back With The Thoughts :) :) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Women's Day!!!!!!!!!!


God Created A Woman
He Brought Her Onto This Earth
To Play Various Vital Roles
Till Her Last Breath!!

She Plays As A Kid,
Adopts Her Mom's Way of Living
Respects Her Fellow Beings
Hugs Her Dad And Mom Very Frequently.

She Plans For Her Future
Well In Advance, Draws A Map
of How To Shape Her Career
And What Kind of Job Suits Her ??

After Certain Number of Years
She Plans & Thinks, How To
Adjust With New Family She Gets
And How To Be With Them.

Continuing Her Personal Life
Journey Being A Daughter, Sister
And, Moves On To Be
The Wife, Then Mother
Then, Sister-In-law, Aunt,

She Has To Balance Her
Personal Life With Professional Life
May Be As A Teacher, Software Engineer,
Farmer, Airforce Officer, In Navy, As An
Accountant, Auditor, Manager, Director,
President, Minister, And Many Many Moreee!!!!!!

She Is The Chief Chef
Learn & Prepare New Recipe
Play With Her Kids,
Spend Some Valuable Time
Teaching Her Kids &
Spend Sometime Talking
To Her Near & Dear One's.

Sacrificing Many Things
In Her Life, Joins Her New Family
But, Some Husband's May
Or May Not Recognize Her Value.

Still, I Find Many Men
Criticizing, Comparing, Insulting,
Disrespecting Her.......
Instead Should Encourage,
Support Women To Come Up !!

Women's Are Physically
And Mentally Strong.......
They Can Sustain Any Sort
of Problems...They Are The 
Best Encouragers On This Earth.

They Cry To Burst Out
Their Feelings, Sorrows, 
Pains, Hurts And Increase 
Their Will Power By Smiles
And Laughter :) :) 

At Present, Women Are Bold,
Brave, Great Achievers, Hard-workers
Women Are There In Each & Every Field
Progressing More Than The Men !!!!!

Creativity, Wishes Each & Every Women, "A Very Happy International Women's Day" :)  :) 

PS :- I'm Not Comparing Men & Women. But, Highlighting How Women Are Equally Progressing When Seen With The Current And Past Generation Individuals!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thought #20

Each Individual Sacrifice Health To Earn Wealth In Early Stages of Life And In Later Stages Sacrifice Wealth To Get Back The Lost Health.

Many of The Individuals Work IN MNC's Where The Work Load Will  Be More Than The Said Load. But, We Work And Carry The Load In Order To Earn & Save Money For Family, Future, And For Many More Reasons.

But, We Do Forget To Takecare of Our Health. Even We Neglect To Takecare For Simple Cold & Cough. Saying, Its Due To The Pollution. Why Don't We Think, Even Staying In Artificial Ventilation Can Also Be A Cause For Cold & Cough. But, We Are Helpless. Have To Work In Such Environment. But, Lets Make It Compulsory To Practice Breathing Exercises Every Early Morning. Walking In Early Morning Will Definitely Help For Physical As Well As Mental Fitness. Avoid Outside Food As Much As Possible. Carry Lunch Box From Home. 

Last But Not The Least, Study Well, Eat Well, Play Well, Sleep Well.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought #19

Fallen Flowers Can't Climb Back. But, If The Root Is Strong, Could Expect Blossom. So Don't Think of The Past. Just Forget The Past, Love The Present And Live For Future.

 Can't Re-open And Close The Life. So, Just Go Ahead With What All Comes Through. The Situations Could Be Predictable As Well As Unpredictable. Just Be Ready To Face Any Sort of Situations. But Definitely,
                   "Hope For The Best And Be Prepared For The Worst".

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thought #18

Life Is Continuous Challenge And An Unending Struggle.

Yes, Very Much True. After Each & Every Step or After The Completion Of Particular Task or The Trouble, Some or The Other Trouble Crops Up!! Thereby Leading To The Paths of "Worries & Tensions"

Though, We Get Tensed, Problem Cannot Be Solved. Rather It Piles Up. Why To Give A Chance Or Be The Reason For Such Situations, Wherein It Could Be Called As, "Self Made Problems" [SMP's]"

Nowadays, I Have Come Across Many Individuals, Who Get Extremely Excited & Tensed. They Are Unable To Balance Their Emotions. Now, The Question Arises, How To Balance The Emotions ?? 

Could It Be By Self Control ?? Or By Being Strict Positive Thinker ?? Or By Meditation ?? Or By Deep Breath ?? 

Ofcourse, Depends On The Mental Stability of Each Person. But, Should Have Balanced Control of Mind For Each & Every Situation.